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Apizza Scholls FAQ 3.23.2020

Do we have to-go pizzas? - Yes, We are currently offering Walk in to-go orders nightly as well as taking phone orders. 4 pm- 8:30ish pm

To-Go pie orders can take anywhere from 10 minutes to 60+ minutes, depending on the orders ahead of yours.

Do you accept reservations? - NOT Currently.

Why do you run out of dough? - We make enough dough daily to be able to meet our maximum kitchen production during our dining hours of 5pm-9:30 pm. During the peak summertime business we may have to stop accepting new guests earlier than 9:30, simply because the guests on the wait list/reservation sheet account for all the dough we have remaining for the night. Just because we stop accepting new guests earlier than 9:30 doesn’t mean we are ‘closed’ We make pizzas up until the last pizza goes out, usually 9:45.

Why don’t you just extend your hours? - We are a commercial property located beneath apartments. Our lease stipulates ‘we MUST be closed by X’, & our business hours reflect that clause in our lease.

Why do we all have to be present before being seated? If we seat you at a table while you wait for the rest of your party to show up, that table will now be out of the turning cycle for how ever long extra the other guests take to show up. That extends the wait time for our other guests on the wait list which we all know can be long enough already, it’s just not fair to everyone involved.

Why not just open for lunch? - NOT Currently.

Why not just open more locations ? - We strive for perfection for EVERY pizza, not just a few. This is much more complicated than some may think. We can’t imagine being able to control quality to our standards with multiple locations. It is tough enough with this one location…

Why do I have to know how many pizzas I will be ordering? - Depending on volume of the evening, we may ask guests at time of check in, how many pizzas they will be ordering so we know exactly how many will be left for the next guests that walk in. We call out the guests name twice when their table is available. If guests on the waiting list are not present when called the second time, we will remove them from the wait list & place those pizzas reserved for them back to the available pool for new guests. We cannot allow guests to sign up & wait for a table when we don’t have any dough for them, hence the pizza count.

Why do you take our name off the wait list after calling it twice? - See Above - The host position provides a pretty darn close time estimate when to expect a table to be available. 20% of the restaurant is set aside for waiting area rather than outside. We have seats, drinks & salads available during this wait time. Sometimes diners eat quicker or longer than usual & there is nothing we can do about that…that’s why we provide an estimate of how long it may be. We may have to turn new guests away as we expect all guests on our wait list to dine in our restaurant rather than being a ‘no show’. If guests do not show back up, we have dough without a guest to enjoy it. This is why we remove names from the wait list as no shows, so a new guest can hopefully enjoy it.

Why do you limit what I can put on my pizza?- Our dough is not formulated like most pizza dough. It is formulated to be similar to a ciabatta. A crispy flakey crust & airy a chewy crumb (inside). Allowing too many ingredients doesn’t allow our dough to bake to where we want it to be. We offer Build Your Own which many of the new pizzerias do not offer, we just limit those BYOs’.

What’s with the name Apizza Scholls? - Brian & Kim started out in Scholls, OR as a wood fired brick oven sourdough bakery, Olive Mountain Baking Co. After a few of years of trial & errors making pizzas for friends & family on our day off from making breads, we opened our pizzeria ‘Scholls Public House’ in January of 2004. We were often compared to the Pizzerias in New Haven, CT by many of our regulars. Many of those pizzerias have Apizza in their name. 10 months of legal battles with the county later, we were officially kicked out of our original location in Scholls by Washington County. We were in a rural commercial zone & our success wasn’t tolerated. We knew we had to have the name Scholls in our new location & in our head Apizza Scholls fit.
‘A piece of Scholls’ is how it sounds to us, if said really fast.

What’s with the 2 different sides of the restaurant & why don’t they connect? - We started out on one side in 05’, & took over the new side in 07’ so guests waiting could be out of the rain & cold. There are apartments above which have an entry stairwell that encompasses half of the restaurant. The other half has a thruway for staff only (OLCC regulates that) & a long wall of Building mechanicals. It’s not our building, it’s our landlords. We don’t have, nor see any reason to spend $150,000.00+ remodeling his building. Sure walking outside & back into the original side is a pain but…..it is what it is.

Do we have gluten free dough? - No, we do not offer gluten free dough nor do we plan to. Our ovens are too hot & there is no way to control a flour ridden environment without a dedicated 'No Flour' kitchen.

Why do you have just the 1 large 18” size? - When we first started out in Scholls, OR we had 1 deck oven, 1 person dressing the pies & 1 person stretching the dough, and manning the ovens. Managing multiple size pizzas in 1 deck oven isn’t as easy as one may think….plus we just like the large 18” pies. When we opened in Portland, we offered a few personal 11” size pies to solo diners. We’ve been working adding more & more 11” pies into production. Now we serve the 11" pies during our Weekend Lunch service as well as dinner for solo guests.

It’s just pizza - this has been our, in house motto, for many years. We know pizza is important to many people, including us, otherwise we wouldn’t be working this hard to try to make the best pizza we can. We know we will never be able to meet some peoples expectations when they walk thru our doors but we do try. We have our off nights too, when the dough just isn’t reacting the way we expect, due to more factors than you know. The cheese is saltier, not as salty, drier, or wetter than it’s supposed to be. We woke up on the wrong side of the bed, or a guest just treated us like dirt & we can’t shake it off… But in the end… It's just pizza!